This production directed by Chris Kabay was slick, emotive and a magnificent night out.

Baby Boomer Blues | Perth Theatre Company
A typical household fight between a man/husband and a woman/wife that repeats itself every day as a recurrent condition is something generally unbearable to be witnessed

La Boheme | West Australian Opera
West Australian Opera transformed the setting to 1980s Sydney, which proved an interesting and lively interpretation of Giacomo Puccini’s famous opera.

Cruisin - The Musical
Catchy beats, colourful costumes and slick choreography could not stop this performance of Cruisin’ from feeling like a high school production.

Honour | Black Swan Theatre Company
I couldn't stop thinking that, although well written and poetic, the play is nothing more than that old cliché

Jane Austen's Guide to Pornography
Jane Austen’s Guide to Pornography will appeal to all theatre goers as it touches on universal themes

Varekai | Cirque du Soleil
Varekai is a Circus like the ones in my childhood, full of life, dream and humanity, and nowadays this is not something that we can dispose of.

Flatland | Class Act Theatre
Flatland is not necessarily a bad play – to read the script and interpret it for myself could be interesting – it’s just a slightly lazy attempt. It needed more "oomph".