Not Like Beckett
Not Like Beckett is a one-man, avant guarde, absurd piece that draws all sorts of non-subtle connections to the wrong doings of each and every one of us.

Bug | Spotty Fellow Productions
This is not a play for the fainthearted. Neither is it for those who wish to see something intelligent, humorous or witty

Construction of the Human Heart
Ross Mueller’s Construction of the Human Heart is an intellectual, devastatingly powerful two hander about grief and loss. Love and pain. Right/write and wrong.

The Good Thief
In The Good Thief, acclaimed Irish playwright Conor McPherson uses his country’s tradition of semi-sober storytelling to tell the tale of a crime gone wrong.

The Marriage of Figaro | Eventainment & Yellow Glass Theatre
In this adaptation by Director Chris Kabay and Musical Director Simon Holt, the plot and songs have been cut and tightened creating a shorter, easily understood opera.

The Messiah
This is a hilarious, side splittingly funny production. I didn’t leave the theatre with any new insights into life, nor dramatic moments to ponder on, but I came out refreshed, happy, and with a sore stomach from laughing.

His Majesty’s Theatre was packed for the performance of one of Shakeapeare’s darkest tragedies, Macbeth, a psychological study in the devastating effect of a misplaced ambition.

While some of Shakespeare’s tragedies deal with politics, court matters or the lives of kings and queens, Othello is a story that operates on a very tangible level with the emotions of love, jealousy, prejudice and revenge.

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