In just over 60 minutes, the audience is treated to truncated extractions of three of Shakespeare’s plays; Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Richard III.

Sleeping Beauty | Compagnie Akselere
From the mind of creator and puppeteer Colette Garrigan comes a passionate monologue with shadow puppets about the loss of innocence and reality versus fairytale.

Romeo and Julia | Theatre Anpu
Romeo and Julia is lush, colorful and a real pleasure for the eyes and ears. Theatre Anpu don’t take themselves too seriously and that really is a delight.

Apples and Ladders | Lemony S
It begins in darkness with an ominous low drone and slow, goose bump inducing breathing.

Journeys of the Happy Buddha
Journeys of the Happy Buddha tells us the story of a Happy Buddha who decides to come back to Earth to check how the humans are living.

Cabaret Decadanse | SOMA
Fishnet stockings! Alcohol! Gyrating females and bare breasts! All this... from puppets. Cabaret Décadanse is a rollicking, sassy, sexy and hilarious puppet feast for adults.

Northern Lights | WASO
Having grown up watching and listening to WASO, Northern Lights was a welcome return after not hearing them for a number of years

Blood Brothers | WAAPA
Directed by Chris Edmund with musical direction from David King, Blood Brothers is a powerful production to open the WAAPA musical theatre student’s year

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