Ballet at the Regal | West Australian Ballet
This was a night of pure contemporary ballet in a new venture from the WA Ballet.

Dance a la Carte

The end result of a good contemporary dance performance incorporating elements of theatre and multi-media is that it should be greater than the sum of its parts

The Pitch

It’s a clever concept and almost everything about this play is what good theatre is all about: it has action, it has great acting, it has comedy, it uses the stage well, it has pace, it has energy, and it has story (two in fact).

Speed-The-Plow | Perth Theatre Company

This David Mamet play, written in 1988, is a satire about the morals and values of Tinseltown and the sacrifice of pure art for commercialism

Baby Boomer Blues | Perth Theatre Company

Alan Becher has had some big hits over the years. This, I’m afraid, for me, is not one of them.

The Return

The Return is tight and edgy, with some of the best dialogue you’re ever likely to hear.

The Rusalka Thread
Things like this do not usually happen to this reviewer…either someone spiked my drink, or ‘The Rusalka Thread’ is a damn fine piece of theatre. I highly suspect the latter.

Threeway | Brainbox Project

Deliciously naughty, is not what we got. Hackneyed one-liners and underdeveloped characters we got, in spades. Deliciously naughty? No.

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