Taking Liberty | Perth Theatre Company

In the early hours of September 27, 1983, Alan Bond, John Bertrand, Ben Lexcen and Warren Jones became the rock gods of Australian Sport.


Presence, written by Patrick van der Werf, is an Australian fable that explores isolation, alienation, and the presence of the other that helps us define who we are.

The Nutcracker | WA Ballet
Expectations were high for the choreographic debut of the West Australian Ballet’s Artistic Director, Ivan Cavallari, on the opening night of The Nutcracker.

My Friends Went Overseas And All They Brought Me Back Was This Lousy Cabaret Act
It wasn’t bad, I wasn’t bored but it was necessary to sit through it in order for it to end. It didn’t rock my socks off. But don’t stop reading yet...it gets better.

Vivacious! | Australian Chamber Orchestra
The Perth Concert Hall audience was pleased to see the pint-sized Russian-born blonde was every bit as gorgeous as promised.

The Girls Stand Up

The girls certainly stood up on Friday night at the Comedy Lounge at the Charles Hotel.

Portraits of Modern Evil | The HotBed Ensemble
Confronting, thought provoking and full of talent – all that good theatre should be.

The Mercy Seat | Brainbox Project

The Mercy Seat takes a long time to come to the crux of the matter, but when it gets there, it comes into its own.

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