Apples and Ladders | Lemony S
It begins in darkness with an ominous low drone and slow, goose bump inducing breathing.

Journeys of the Happy Buddha
Journeys of the Happy Buddha tells us the story of a Happy Buddha who decides to come back to Earth to check how the humans are living.

Cabaret Decadanse | SOMA
Fishnet stockings! Alcohol! Gyrating females and bare breasts! All this... from puppets. Cabaret Décadanse is a rollicking, sassy, sexy and hilarious puppet feast for adults.

Northern Lights | WASO
Having grown up watching and listening to WASO, Northern Lights was a welcome return after not hearing them for a number of years

Blood Brothers | WAAPA
Directed by Chris Edmund with musical direction from David King, Blood Brothers is a powerful production to open the WAAPA musical theatre student’s year

The Valkyrie | WASO
I was delighted, especially during the two Wagner pieces, because for the first time I was able to hear loud and clear WASO close to its full potential.

The York Crucifixion | Happy Dagger Theatre
Don’t expect to understand The York Crucifixion. Directed by Andrew Hale this production misses the theme entirely. On purpose.

Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris | yellow glass theatre
In a return to small scale works, yellow glass theatre has produced an agreeable version of Jacques Brel is Alive and Well in Paris