Jane Austen's Guide to Pornography
Jane Austen’s Guide to Pornography will appeal to all theatre goers as it touches on universal themes

Varekai | Cirque du Soleil
Varekai is a Circus like the ones in my childhood, full of life, dream and humanity, and nowadays this is not something that we can dispose of.

Flatland | Class Act Theatre
Flatland is not necessarily a bad play – to read the script and interpret it for myself could be interesting – it’s just a slightly lazy attempt. It needed more "oomph".

Loveplay | Perth Theatre Company
Loveplay could be called Hate-play, Envy-play, Lust-play, Jealousy-play or Greed-play; all the emotions that aren’t always right to feel, but feel so good

Life x3 | Black Swan Theatre Company
Life x3 is a funny, raw, slightly absurd urban drama about the stresses that Henry and Sonia face when their VIP dinner guests Inez and Hubert arrive a day too early for dinner.

Rigoletto | West Australian Opera
Set in 20th century Italy, Elijah Moshinsky’s Rigoletto is awash with colour, movement and the glorious sounds of exquisite operatic vocals and orchestral accompaniment.

Not Like Beckett
Not Like Beckett is a one-man, avant guarde, absurd piece that draws all sorts of non-subtle connections to the wrong doings of each and every one of us.

Bug | Spotty Fellow Productions
This is not a play for the fainthearted. Neither is it for those who wish to see something intelligent, humorous or witty

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