The Return

The Return is tight and edgy, with some of the best dialogue you’re ever likely to hear.

The Rusalka Thread
Things like this do not usually happen to this reviewer…either someone spiked my drink, or ‘The Rusalka Thread’ is a damn fine piece of theatre. I highly suspect the latter.

Threeway | Brainbox Project

Deliciously naughty, is not what we got. Hackneyed one-liners and underdeveloped characters we got, in spades. Deliciously naughty? No.

Macbeth | Class Act & Bare Naked Theatre Companies
This performance of one of Shakespeare’s best known tragedies is a dark, stripped back production directed by Stephen Lee.

The Female of the Species | Black Swan Theatre Company
The Female of the Species is a witty, sassy and intelligent comedy from one of Australia’s leading playwrights.

Audacious Tour | Australian Chamber Orchestra
With four out of five pieces being ACO premieres it was a night of exciting and vibrant pieces showcasing the innovative, energetic chamber orchestra.

Into The Woods | yellow glass theatre
This production is poignant, funny, thought provoking and of an extremely high standard.

Joe Jackson
Jackson was convincing in showing that the good quality and public appeal of his compositions have changed little since the release of his first single, 30 years ago.

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