Arj Barker
Barker’s easy familiarity with the audience and laissez-faire style serves him well and has affirmed the comic Californian’s status as an Aussie favourite.

Memmie Le Blanc | deckchair theatre & Vitalstatistix
Let’s just say that you have to go see this. Beg, borrow or steal the ticket money and go. Go twice.

The Greatest Woman in the World | Agelink Theatre
About Maria Montessori, they've already said she was ahead of her time - she was introduced to a packed audience at New York's famed Carnegie Hall as “the greatest woman in the world”.

This production directed by Chris Kabay was slick, emotive and a magnificent night out.

Baby Boomer Blues | Perth Theatre Company
A typical household fight between a man/husband and a woman/wife that repeats itself every day as a recurrent condition is something generally unbearable to be witnessed

La Boheme | West Australian Opera
West Australian Opera transformed the setting to 1980s Sydney, which proved an interesting and lively interpretation of Giacomo Puccini’s famous opera.

Cruisin - The Musical
Catchy beats, colourful costumes and slick choreography could not stop this performance of Cruisin’ from feeling like a high school production.

Honour | Black Swan Theatre Company
I couldn't stop thinking that, although well written and poetic, the play is nothing more than that old cliché

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