The Haunting of Danny Gartrell | PTC

There is a surety and deftness to the way in which Cribb marries beautiful lyrical prose with sparse colloquial language, and in The Haunting there are moments of sheer brilliance.

The History of Glass | Bright Edge

The History of Glass is an intriguing piece of installation art. The idea of it is brilliant, in fact; it’s just the execution that leaves a little to be desired.

Red Shoes | ThinIce
Grotesque, convoluted and with questionable morals, this production is brilliant yet perplexing.

Cyrano de Bergerac | Black Swan Theatre Company
In the end however, it was all about the words. And Rostand excels with words.

24 Hours | Artrage
24 Hours is a remarkable concept, guaranteed to produce eclectic results every time.

Judi Connelli

To have Sharon Millerchip, Geraldine Turner, Judi Connelli, Anne Wood, Rachel Beck and Rhonda Burchmore all belting out One, from A Chorus Line, and Broadway Baby from Follies, is a musical theatre devotee’s idea of heaven

Wilosophy | Wil Anderson
It was obvious from the moment he strolled onstage that Wil Anderson was preaching to the converted – hecklers greeted him from the start like an old friend and the crowd needed no warming up.

Dying City | Red Ryder Productions

Red Ryder is well known for their professional and often award-winning productions. Dying City represents a step away from their usual direction to a dark and complex two-hander, set in post 9/11 New York.

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