Nothing is sacred. Anyone and anything is fair game. Those are the rules and I wouldn’t expect any less of an improvised comedy evening. I’m just glad I was nestled within a sea of faces near the middle of the crowd, well out of view of the comics whose sharp wit was occasionally unleashed on those in the front rows.

There was a spread across every demographic among the crowd who packed the Astor in Mt Lawley for A Perfect Date, the 8th Birthday celebration of The Big HOO-HAA! Some people may already be familiar with the “Hoo Haa” format, but this special event took on an extra dimension as it was a spoof of the 1980s television game show “Perfect Match”.

The first exercise was for the lovely ladies to ask dating and personality based questions of each of the gentlemen, so that they could choose their perfect match. From there, the teams were formed. The host and 8 comics who were dressed in their finest 80s garb, established and held their characters throughout. Of course “Dexter” (the compatibility deducing robot) was there as well; however I think he must have been a Kiwi, because his name was certainly pronounced with a New Zealand accent ;)

Once the teams were formed into the traditional “Hearts” and “Bones”, the improvised comedy games got underway. If you’ve never been to a “Hoo Haa”, but you have had the opportunity to tune into “Whose line is it anyway?” hosted by Drew Carey, then you may have seen some of them before, or at least be familiar with the format.

Audience suggestions were used as a basis for the scenes so you could feel assured that while the skills may be practiced, what you saw was not rehearsed. It’s hard to pick a favourite from the games because the comics made them all hilarious. In particular though, the crowd seemed to really love the slow motion ironing championships, the foreign film improvisation with English commentary, and “Sing About it”; where the comics carried out their scene until the host blew the whistle and they were commanded to pick up where they left off with a song in whichever style the music master chose.

There are some big names that have come out of the Perth comedy scene and although many have gone east, there are a few who remain or return here to share the laughter. If you’re in the mood for a relaxed night out you can catch The Big Hoo Haa improvised comedy evening every Saturday night at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den, upstairs at the Brisbane Hotel. They also have an open mic night on Tuesdays which is a stomping ground for new comics or experienced ones trying out new material. Fridays you can head along for some classic stand up.

The Big HOO-HAA!
8th birthday: A Perfect Date

Venue: The Astor Theatre | 659 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
Date/Time: Saturday June 5th, 8pm
Bookings: | 9484 1133

This is an 18+ licensed event

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