The Alchemist | Bell Shakespeare

Bell never lets us forget where we are - in a theatre - and his reverence for the material and the craft is, as always, intensely palpable.

Katia Skanavi
Katia strolled decisively onto stage in an elegant long black dress with gold thread and began playing almost immediately.

Depth Charge | Buzz Dance Theatre

Set in a futuristic science lab, their latest offering Depth Charge is the company's take on the possible outcomes of genetic modification and artificial consciousness. 

Life of Galileo | WA Youth Theatre Company

Life of Galileo is a work that speaks so strongly to the universality of the human condition; that tells so many stories at once. 

The Dark Room | Black Swan State Theatre Company
Directed by Adam Mitchell, Hotbed’s first show for 2009 is dramatic, traumatic and showcases the talents of this new performers and creatives.

A View of Concrete | Flaming Locomotive

In a city dark and without stars, James and girlfriend Jacquie, friend Billy and drug dealer Neil are locked in a struggle to be understood.

St Mark's Passion | WASO
Conducted by Richard Mills, the program contained three baroque pieces and Mills’ new secular piece Passion according to St Mark.

Jimeoin on Ice
Jimeoin is a thinking man. He is also a funny man, but without the accent, he’s a thinking man.

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