Dancing On Your GraveDancing On Your Grave is an aptly named act by a five-piece troupe who entertained audiences with their songs about life after death.

The troupe, who were directed by choreographer Lea Anderson, consisted of singer songwriters Steve Blake and Nigel Burch and dancers Maho Ihara, Ryen Perkins-Gangnes and Valentina Formenti.

Clever lyrics about death and decay were sung with the accompaniment of ukuleles and percussion instruments. The choreography was unique and gave life to the performance, helping to act out the storylines.

The performance smacked of old time music hall with an element of morbid fascination of death. The songwriters did an excellent job producing an hour worth of comic songs that drove home their message that we are all a short time living and a long time dead!

What was particularly pleasing about this show was that the troupe was so well rehearsed and not one member skipped a beat. Lyrics were perfect and movement flowed without a hitch, despite often complex routines.

I particularly liked Ihara’s impression of a corpse giving her last dance routine. Dance partner Perkins-Gangnes effortlessly manoeuvred her around the stage into various poses which was entertaining to watch. Likewise the performance about getting “out of your box” was very amusing with dancers suddenly coming to life and singing to the audience.

Costuming was well done. Dressing the dancers in completely different and interesting costumes was a good move given the lack of any set design. Lighting helped to provide a point of difference to each song performed.

Perth once again provided a beautiful barmy night that blended perfectly with the outdoor venue, Beck’s Music Box. Audience members made the most of the seated event, enjoying a drink or two at either the tables or chairs provided, or on the comfortable couches.

Beck’s Music Box is a versatile venue that works well for either traditional sit down theatre productions or stand up music events.

Anyone who’s ever wondered if they are making the most of their life probably had a giggle at Dancing On Your Grave, but went away giving it some more thought.

This show is suited to anyone who has a slightly warped sense of humour.

The Cholmondeleys and The Featherstonehaughs present

Venue: Becks Music Box
Dates/Time: Mon 22 Feb -Tue 23 Feb @ 8.00pm
Tickets: Standard $40.50, Friends $37 | Includes BOCS booking fee
Bookings: bocsticketing.com.au

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