Jimeoin on IceJimeoin is a thinking man. He is also a funny man, but without the accent, he’s a thinking man. Not many comedians can take normal, everyday topics and make an audience roar with laughter. Since Jimeoin has been doing this since I was a kid, he must be good.

If I was approached by someone – a work colleague for example – who started chatting to me about the differences between a front loader and a top loader washing machine, I would probably not be all that enthralled. For some reason though, when a guy is standing on the stage and telling it to a theatre full of people, the facts of how to use a washing machine are so absurdly true and normal that it’s really, really funny!*

Jimeoin seemed to pull a really Bogan crowd, but that’s not an insult by any means. This is who he appeals to. We understand about washing machines and the delicate task of making a cup of tea. You know THE perfect cup. We’re normal, we’re common and we’re casual. Jimeoin is casual too. He looks so very relaxed on the stage and is so easy to watch, which therefore relaxes his audience.
What was very smart was Jimeoin’s references to personal timelines. The audiences absolutely loved this and lapped it up with big, hearty laughs. It’s true, though! We all have personal timelines and do in fact look up/down/left/right/straight ahead when trying to remember a name/place/details/regret. An interested question: Would this science still be hilarious if he didn’t sound so Irish? We’ll never find out…

This frolicking comic didn’t look nervous or tense in the least; he moved loosely and seemed very comfortable both with his audience, himself and his material. Jimeoin is very human. He’s the same as us. He’s on our level. There is no spoon-feeding of jokes or pseudo intellectual chatter about current affairs or politics or any references to the East Coast (some comics think they can come to WA and just bag Sydney, thinking we will laugh but it doesn’t work that way). He gave us stuff we actually already know and are very well aware of in our everyday lives. This familiarity made it great.
Jimeoin is a comic for the people!

* Just for the record, I totally understood everything about the top loader but have never used a front loader so that was a tiny bit lost on me. Obviously we need reviewers who are more domestically aware.

Jimeoin On Ice


Octagon Theatre, Perth – Fri 27th and Sat 28th March
Bookings: 1800 193 300 or www.bocsticketing.com.au

Goldfields Arts Centre – Sunday 29th March
Bookings: 08 9088 6900

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre – Tue 31st March
Bookings: 9550 3900 or www.manpac.com.au

Margaret River Cultural Centre – Thu 2nd April
Bookings: 08 9758 7316

Bunbury Entertainment Centre – Fri 3rd April
Bookings: 1300 661 272 or www.bunburyentertainment.com

Albany Town Hall – Sat 4th April
Bookings: (08) 9844 2222

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