Home Alone (The Suburbs Dream Tonight)Image - Marcus Canning

Exploring Australia’s obsession with home, Home Alone is a concise yet powerful contemporary dance piece from Company Upstairs. Audiences observe the performers moving about their daily life, generating a feeling of voyeurism and spying, much like the child of the family does from her second story window.

Slick choreography by Bianca Martin made this piece less abstract than it could easily have been. The combination of moves and use of the small space; using the walls as sounding points and occasionally moving outside to the ‘garden’ created a compelling show.

Designer Jamie Macchiusi has utilised and added to the run down nature of the Rechabite’s Hall, throwing all the seats into a pile in one corner tied up like rubbish. Whilst this looked interesting and added to the theme, it also made for an uncomfortable viewing and a numb bottom by the end of the one hour performance.

Planted in amongst the wreck were two demountables on top of each other, a stylised take on the kitchen, living room and bedroom of the classic Australian house. Minimal props left room for the (surprisingly) big moves from the three performers. To enter the seating area, audience members had to walk around the back of the ‘house’ past the washing line and the windows, affording the first view of the family.

Kathryn Puie, Keira Mason Hill and Joe Jurd worked seamlessly together as the nuclear family; daughter, mother and father. Supported by live drums (Tim Bates) and pre recorded music, they danced with passion and grace. I particularly enjoyed the section where they watched TV, tumbling and crawling over each other on the one small sofa.

At first, the family appeared as old fashioned sitcom family, sitting down to dinner, watching TV, going to work. The dance was smooth, but gradually increased in intensity and contact incorporating elements of jive, gymnastics and freestyle. There were some brilliant elements and themes explored towards the end of the show that were full of emotion and heartache.

This was fresh, new dance, full of energy and passion. Home Alone is definitely a show that could travel further than Artrage and the small audience it will receive in Perth. Go and see it.

(the suburbs dream tonight)

Venue: The Rechabites Hall | 224 William St, Northbridge
1, 4, 5 & 6 Nov | 8pm (doors 7.30)
7 Nov | 9pm (doors 8.30)
8 Nov | 6.30pm (doors 6) & 9pm (doors 8.30)
Tickets: $25 full, $18 conc
Bookings: BOCS Ticketing
Visit: www.artrage.com.au

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