Out In The Blue National Tour |  Jimmy Barnes
Jimmy Barnes live is like plugging your iPod into the largest amplifier you can possibly find, and then jolting yourself with a defibrillator over and over again.

Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands
A dark and yet enlightening tale, Edward Scissorhands represents the extreme of suburbia.

Kitchen Diva | La Boite Theatre Company
Price has called Kitchen Diva his most personal work yet, a rich compost of memories unearthed after the death of his mother and follows a path familiar yet utterly alien.

Mathinna | Bangarra
A great performance is something that not only has memorable moments, but something that has so many of these that in one’s mind they seamlessly flow into each other

The Barber of Seville | Opera Queensland
Rossini’s The Barber of Seville has enjoyed well deserved fame for nearly 200 years. Like any great classic, the beauty of the opera is its universally popular story and theme.

Harley Breen
Five entertaining comedians, 2 and a half hours of laughter, and one rather individual interpretative dance, and you have a good night out.

Jane Eyre | Harvest Rain
Unfortunately love can be blind and I don’t think that Teale’s adaptation will please everyone - certainly not the purists

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
The name of Ray Lawler has echoed down the corridors of stage halls and drama faculties across the country for nearly 6 decades.

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