Danny Bhoy “Helloooo”. Once you see this show you will not be able to get this simple word out of your head. The staple of Danny Bhoy’s comic diet, it is as simple and as cute as the man himself.

Performing in the inaugural Brisbane Comedy Festival, Danny Bhoy performs just over an hour of witty and endearing stand-up. As he enters the Powerhouse Stage and witnesses two seats in the front row still empty, he immediately employs the tried and true ‘lets pay out the latecomers’ retort. He then moves on to greet the audience, engaging in a dialogue with a heckler in the balcony seats. His raport with the audience is instant – he is easygoing, cheeky, a little bit nerdy and completely relatable. As such, his comedy goes down with the audience as if we were simply sitting around at a bbq having a laugh. Danny Bhoy is an ‘everyday man’ in a not so everyday situation. 

Essentially Danny’s monologue takes on two themes – being a touring comedian in regional Australia, and being a single man. While he intersects his two major stories with divertissements ranging from ‘bizarre’ Aussie accents to when he met the Queen, it is obvious that his anecdotes are wide and varied, with something to appeal to everyone.

His physical performance is well directed. Danny’s persona is a little bit awkward, but his moments of playing out other characters, like the gecko in the motel room, are very specific.  This adds a subtle layer of theatricality to the piece, engaging the eye as well as the ear. 

Danny Bhoy’s easy delivery and adorable Scottish charm makes is difficult to understand why a large part of his show is about him being a single man. He is paradoxical – completely able to relate to an anonymous audience by telling them stories about how bad he is at relating to women in real life. Yet it is a winning combination, and one wonders what will become of Danny’s material when he eventually does find a lucky lady.

Given Danny’s laid-back attitude and ability to come up with a witty retort out of any combination, I am sure Danny Bhoy will have no problems continuing to gain momentum in this milieu of stand-up comedy. A great laugh all around.

Fox in the Snow and Brisbane Powerhouse present
Danny Bhoy

Part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival

Venue: Powerhouse Theatre
Dates: Tue 17 - Sun 22 Mar 09
Tickets: $36 / $27
Duration: 60mins
Visit: www.brisbanepowerhouse.org

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