Un Pas de Cote
‘Un pas de cote’ pledges to break the rules of dance and music, and it certainly delivers on this promise.

Kaki King
There is something magic about her instrumental compositions that evoked for me, not only a variety of emotions, but allowed me to create stories.

Pineapple Queen Merde
Pineapple Queen Merde exposes the dark secrets of the tragic-comic Glasshouse Mountains Pineapple Queen, a woman whose domestic and textual mythologies are being eroded through constant retelling

Archie Roach
What a treat! To see a handful of iconic Australian musicians in such an intimate setting as the Brisbane Powerhouse

Heroes | Queensland Theatre Company
Queensland Theatre Company's Heroes tells the story of three war veterans whiling away their last days in a French veterans hospital.

The Maids | Plague Theatre
What I found most exhilarating about this production was the ability for it to emotionally affect. This play has the power to cleverly unearth the psyche of a murderer

The Wik people hold a strong and important place in Queensland’s history. They have become an Australian household name; distorted, glorified, made both legendary, and notorious over time

All Aboard
Utterly hilarious, sweet and never failing to impress, Greder’s show is as close to perfect as I’ve seen in quite some time.

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