The Narcissist | La Boite Theatre Company

It's all about him. And it's all about them – John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Christian fundamentalists, gays and straights, Big Brother, the cult of celebrity generally, manipulative political machine men, gullible voters...

The Mikado | Essgee Entertainment

Gallaher has the fairly remarkable ability to make Gilbert and Sullivan even sillier. His latest crack at the Japanese-inspired Mikado is a riot.

The Candlestickmaker | Indian Ink

The Candlestickmaker intertwines astrophysics, the aspirations of an Indian family and lore into a captivating performance.

Three Sisters
Three Sisters traces the intimate tragedies of sisters Olga, Masha, Irina and their brother Andrei. Trapped in torpid isolation in the Russian countryside, the family members spend their days dreaming of better ones that may come.

The Grand Inquisitor
What a pleasure it is to see a Peter Brook production come to Brisbane

National One Act Playwriting Competition

The three plays selected for production in the Noosa One Act Playwriting Competition make up a complimentary triptych which offer pert insights into local, if not national, life.

The Magic Flute | Opera Queensland

Opera Queensland’s production of The Magic Flute sees Mozart’s opera, which was first staged in Vienna in 1791, set at a circus.

Giselle | Australian Ballet
The Australian Ballet’s production of Giselle was so classic, so archetypal, that one could almost believe they were sitting in a theatre in 1841 and watching the original premiere.

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