The Reunion
Meston and Evans are talented, energetic directors and they’ve managed to elicit great performances from the ensemble cast.

‘The Logan Project’ is like getting lost in a fog, and every now and then you see a light and walk towards it, thinking you’re about to discover where you are.

A Large Attendance In The Antechamber
Multi-layered, exquisitely detailed and pleasantly surprising, this one-man show will leave audiences awestruck.

The words enthusiastic, charismatic and dazzling first come to mind when reflecting on this musical spectacular as presented by the Harvest Rain Theatre Company

Broad 2007
As the third of Deborah Conway’s annual series, this year’s Broad debuted in Brisbane with Anne McCue, Sally Seltmann, Jade MacRae and Abbe May.

The Kursk
The Kursk has been described as a ‘Documentary Play’ based on the sinking of the Russian submarine on the 12th of August 2000.

Matinya Toekang Kritik (Death of a Critic)
Stunning to look at, aurally entrancing and humorous in its own bizarre way, Matinya Toekang Kritik had all the makings of a great show. But unless you understand the language and the issues at hand, the overall point was clearly lost in translation.

Josh Thomas

Quirky, quick-witted and painfully honest, Josh Thomas fills a particular niche and expresses his insecurity with an ironic confidence.

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