In Zen Zen Zo’s production of Dracula, the clash between sexuality and religion, between modernity and tradition, between change and uniformity, is explored and explodes into a deliciously innovative piece of performance.

the machine that carries the soul
Expanding what had previously been a ‘work-in-progress’, the hour-long performance is both simple and complex and - above all - completely mesmerising.

The Estimator
This semi-absurd, quintessentially Australian piece is multicultural, multilateral and multifarious – resulting in a performance that has a little bit of everything, but not a great deal of that special something.

Brian Lucas takes us on a journey of make-believe myth and political propaganda, in this enrapturing encore season of his solo dance/theatre piece, Underbelly.

The script is fast-paced and covers as much ground as possible in just under two hours, without neglecting to include any of the major characters and incidents

The Fruit Tingle Cabaret
A night full of tasty delights, The Fruit Tingle Cabaret certainly adds a little spice to Brisbane’s theatre scene.

True Stories
True Stories is a sophisticated, eloquent and articulate expression of Australian indigenous culture.

Miss K
When a techno-savvy modern world no longer needs the special sort of magic a singing telegram brings, what is a girl to do?

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