Monteverdi Vespers | The Song Company

As soon as I heard that Australia’s premier vocal ensemble was teaming up with its most exciting early music orchestra, I resolved not to miss it. And my expectations were more than fulfilled.

Figaro | Genesian Theatre

Adultery, infidelity, debauchery, in flagrante and a hint of incest, Charles Morey’s reworking of Beaumarchais’ Figaro is mild Moliere with a flash of Feydeau.

My Fair Lady

Truly – the best example of all the joy, delight and emotion that can come with a genuinely crafted and massive musical theatre production.

The Show Goes On | Bernadette Robinson

Fans of Ms Robinson will not be disappointed, and if your favorite divas are those strong, yet fragile pioneers with unique voices that pre-date the Beyonces or Gagas – then this is an evening for you.

The Father | Sydney Theatre Company

There have been quite a few plays in recent years dealing either tangentially or primarily with issues of ageing parents’ descent into dementia and death, but none have been quite so devastatingly focused as The Father on the experience of mental decline itself, and the heartbreaking effect it has on sufferer and their families alike.

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Amadeus Live | Sydney Symphony Orchestra

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Miracle City | The Theatre Division

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