The Magic Flute | National Youth Opera

As long as you don’t ask too many questions about how a flute might protect people from the elements, or what good a set of bells could possibly be in finding a girlfriend, you’ll definitely find something to enjoy here.

Oceans All Boiled Into Sky | Serious Theatre

Oceans Boiled Into Sky is not an A to B story, but one from E to T with bits of C thrown in.

Bill of Writes | ACT Region Playwrights

Bill of Writes, part of the Made in Canberra season, showcases the work of the ACT Region Playwrights as well as Canberra actors and directors with six short plays.

Euphoric | Australian Chamber Orchestra

Led by artistic director and lead violinist Richard Tognetti, the ACO musicians are so attuned to each other that the orchestra functions much like a single instrument.

Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome | Bell Shakespeare & QTC

With Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome: A Shakespeare Commentary, Bell Shakespeare and the Queensland Theatre Company have created what must be their most challenging production to date.

Thom Pain (based on nothing) | MTC

The Melbourne Theatre Company’s production of Thom Pain (based on nothing) deserves to be packed out for the entirety of its two-week Canberra run.

Tinselworm | Bill Bailey

My throat hurts, my cheeks are aching and my sides are knotted in a permanent stitch, but I can’t complain. Laughter-related injuries are part of the territory when you get the chance to see Bill Bailey live.

The Wicked Voice

The four melodramas of The Wicked Voice slash at the skin to bleed open wounds for all to see pain and rawness - this is affective theatre.

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