Blackbird | Street Theatre

While there are plenty of reasons to flinch, what this work is really looking for is an audience willing to contemplate the spaces between right and wrong.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow

The MICF Roadshow is the car trip of the entertainment world; not the first class of opera, nor the cargo plane of kindergarten recitals.

Inflatable | Adam Hills

You might notice some unusual things happening while Adam Hills is on tour with his Inflatable show. Strangers might smile at you in the street for no apparent reason.

The Incident at Fugue Bay | Canberra Dramatics

The Incident at Fugue Bay starts with a premise that would make the writers of any crime drama jealous.

Judith Lucy's Not Getting Any Younger

When you think of getting old, do you look forward to sipping pinot noir onboard your retirement yacht, or are you already stockpiling incontinence pads and tweed jackets with leather elbow patches?

I Hate Hamlet | Canberra Rep

Mention Hamlet and thoughts may fuzz back to slumberly high school Shakespeare lessons of hey-nonny-nonnying, thinking ‘I just don’t get it’.

Show Us Your Roots

Saturday was a full house at the Canberra Theatre as Canberrans took leave from the heated throngs of the nearby multicultural food fest to sit back and be led into some laughs.

Dawn Upshaw and the Australian Chamber Orchestra

There’s a danger when reviewing Dawn Upshaw that you’ll end up smothering your writing in superlatives.

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