High Society | The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Co of SA

Yes, it’s a good romp with lots of laughs, lovely music well sung and very good performances by all.

Les Misérables | The South Coast Choral and Arts Society

This is an emotional play with not too many dry eyes at times, but if a play and its performers can move you, make you laugh, make you cry, make you think, then a good job has been done.

Sense and Sensibility | State Theatre Company South Australia

This is a play well worth seeing and the audience bore witness to their enjoyment of it in their prolonged applause and happy chatter on the way out.

Terrestrial | State Theatre Company South Australia

Terrestrial’s author (Fleur Kilpatrick) says in the programme notes that she dedicated her play to lonely girls, bored boys, to quiet towns and “to a landscape that looks like Mars”. She adds ”landscape informs how our trauma, confusion, illness or fear manifests itself”. It does in this play.

Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany & Contemporary America | University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America is a long play with a long title and, at times, hard work for the audience who are rewarded for their attention.

Born Yesterday | Independent Theatre

Born Yesterday will surely be a contender for the show of the year when the reckoning comes – for several good reasons – starting with the play itself.

Stephen Sondheim’s name has been synonymous with interesting music and entrancing lyrics that move the story along since his name hit the lights in the late fifties.

After Dinner | State Theatre Company South Australia

The restaurant reflects their lives – bleak and ordinary – and the waiter whose attention they are desperate to catch is symbolic of them reaching out in their desperation to find something meaningful in their lives – someone who will share it with them

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