Memorial | Brink Productions

Alice Oswald describes her text as “a translation of the Iliad’s atmosphere, not its story”. I immediately asked myself, does atmosphere need a translation?

Kings of War | Toneelgroep Amsterdam

Five of Shakespeare’s plays are encompassed in this four and a half hour show – Henry V, the three parts of Henry VI and Richard III all based on documents of the time and Shakespeare’s remarkable imagination and dramatisation.

That Daring Australian Girl | Joanne Hartstone

It was the beginning of the heady, courageous, often violent, cruel and dispiriting “Votes for Women” campaign of which Muriel Matters was in the forefront.

Compassion: Chamber Landscapes

This is not only a beautiful venue with a huge picture window behind the performance area, but possibly the best acoustic in Australia for listening to chamber music for strings.

Can You Hear Colour? | Patch Theatre Company

I wasn’t going to start this review by talking about the music, because it was not the only thing about this show that was magic, but I will take my cue from the audience.

The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy | Slingsby

The youngsters in the audience weren’t the only rapt ones in this simple, delightful tale, charmingly told. We all love a good story and if children are plied with stories and fantasy such as this, who knows where their stimulated imagination will take them as they grow up?

The Great War | Hotel Modern

Of the Hotel Modern theatre company, three puppeteers and the sound effects man do it all on stage in a process so defined and organised that it took them 6 months to rehearse it.

Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking | Tangram Theatre

As always with teaching, it is the enthusiasm of the teacher that wins the day. It is their excitement and passion that stirs minds in and out of the classroom. John Hinton certainly does his bit to instil some of his eagerness for knowledge to young and old.

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