New Puppetry Works By Tasmanian Artists

This is an entertaining program consisting of three short works, devised by and featuring five talented women.

Underground | Dancenorth

Set on the platform of an underground train station, Underground is a compelling glimpse into the personalities of six commuters as they wait, eat, flirt, read, smoke … and allow their fragile psyches to slowly unravel.

Helena and the Journey of Hello | Terrapin Puppet Theatre

Terrapin Puppet Theatre’s exploration of ‘digital puppetry’ continues with this latest work, inspired by playing around with mobile phones.

Don't Say The Words | Tasmanian Theatre Company

Stunningly staged in a small cube of a set, Don’t say the Words is a retelling of Aeschylus’ Agamemnon in a contemporary context.

Bombshells | Tasmanian Theatre Company

This is the first production from the new Tasmanian Theatre Company and kicks things off with a bang. This is a lively and entertaining show featuring six strong performances by an all female cast.


The set-up is simple: an actor reads poems by Auden while black and white photographs of New York are shown on a screen behind him.


Perfectly Secret is a fun approach to dance and, rather unexpectedly, offers insightful comment on the lives of today's young women.


The show starts with everyone chatting around a kitchen table, sharing stories and jokes, looking through a photo album. From there music just seems to happen.

Most read reviews

Ethiopian & Still Not Hungry | Joe White

White’s ingenuous charm held the audience spellbound for a set lasting just over an hour.

A Very, Very Good Variety Show | Perth Cabaret Collective

The capacity audience at Downstairs at the Maj certainly got their money’s worth on Thursday night.