Nobody Owns The Moon | Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

On the whole, this is a wonderfully creative and insightful production, and a great opportunity for the family to enjoy a piece of theatre together which everyone can enjoy on their own terms.

Ghost Stories | Prince Moo Productions

Ghost Stories is, just as its title suggests, a play about scary stories. But, more than this, it is an exploration of the human psyche.

Tribute: The Story of [Insert celebrity]'s Rise to Fame

Wilkin is a strong performer with a big voice and the parodies of the star’s hit songs are clever in their purposefully banal, repetitive lyrics.

sound of music cov

The Crown Theatre was alive… with the sound of music. And the music was glorious, both in its familiarity and its delivery, with outstanding performances by the entire cast.

Aches and Lakes | University Dramatic Society

Let me begin by first clarifying that this production is not a single play, but rather a set of two new plays, By The Door To The Bonehouse by Rupert Williamson and The Many Funerals of Beckett Fitzgerald by Harry Goodlet.

Romeo and Juliet | West Australian Ballet

This year marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, and this ballet is testament to the enduring relevance of the world’s most famous playwright.

The Dollop - Down Under 3

You’ve heard the voices and you know the schtick, but seeing the comedians work their magic offers something new and more nuanced.

The Psycho Tour | Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho’s Psycho Tour is everything that you really want a stand-up comedy show to be, it is hysterically funny, yet it is also acutely critical of the society in which we live.

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