ACE Cabaret Launch

An ambitious programme of Fringe Festival will be held in the intimate, glamorous club-like venue Downstairs at the Maj.

A Very Merry Christmas Cabaret

A light-hearted and stylish musical celebration of the festive season.

The Velveteen Rabbit | Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Heartwarming story of love between a child and his toy rabbit, exploring what it means to be “real”.

Avenue Q - The Musical

Winner of the Tony Awards triple-crown for Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book, Avenue Q, the Sesame Street-esque production, is back in Perth and delighting crowds at Crown Casino.

Over the Rainbow | Libby Hammer & Ali Bodycoat

The two jazz babies opened the show in spiffy tuxedos with just a touch of sparkly detail. With scraped back hair and full make up they were a sexy pairing of androgynous glamour.

in SITU 2016 | STRUT Dance and Perth Theatre Trust

Site specific performances are unique, individual encounters, and this year’s in SITU brings experienced and creative choreographers and performers contributing a diverse array of responses to the presentation.

The Vortex | Performing Arts Association of Notre Dame Australia

Centring on the relationship between the mother and son of a wealthy family in post war Britain, Coward’s play is simultaneously an account of shifting social norms and a rather well disguised moral tract.

Tartuffe | Black Swan State Theatre Company

For a comedy written mid-17th century, Tartuffe 2016 is surprisingly fresh, lively and plenty of fun.

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