The Pearl Fishers | West Australian Opera

All in all, The Pearl Fishers is an enjoyable ride, and under Michael Gow’s direction, adequately equipped to silence any lingering criticisms of Bizet’s “other opera.”

Hannah Gadsby

The Artbar series held in the foyer of the WA Art Gallery has been a huge success, they mainly have singers but in an inspired piece of programming they presented Hannah Gadbsy.

Beethoven, Beer, Bratwurst… and Bjork! | Perth Chamber Orchestra

Beethoven, Beer, Bratwurst … and Bjork! continues to be a hit, and for good reason. Part of its genius is the juxtaposition between “high” and “low” culture it enacts when it takes the granddaddy of classical music and places him in a shed in Freo.

Perspectives | Notre Dame Theatre

Performed by an ensemble of Notre Dame University’s theatre students, and Directed by Paige Newmark, Perspectives is an original production devised collectively by the ensemble.

Tank | CHAOS Ensemble

CHAOS Ensemble makes its main season debut at The Blue Room with the aquatic thriller-comedy TANK, written and directed by Daley King.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate are a more polished ensemble than the first act and also in some cases degrees cooler and lower key. Their bouncy beat numbers were interspersed with a few nuanced sad storylines such as Emily.

Blanc de Blanc | Strut & Fret

Burlesque has enjoyed a significant revival in recent years. It seems its combination of dance, comedy, circus, music, theatre and striptease with a variety-show feel has struck a chord with modern audiences.

Cole | Michael Griffiths

Griffiths brought Porter to life with a showcase of witty numbers which were smart, sharply crafted reflections of the milieu in which he moved.

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