Ecosexual Bathhouse | PICA & Pony Express

An immersive oasis of calm, full of passionate connection to the ecosphere.

Limbo | Strut & Fret

Winner of the Cabaret Award for last year’s Fringe, Limbo is a hot, sensual mix of cabaret, circus and acrobatics that entertains its audience from beginning to end.

Nanette | Hannah Gadsby

This is a deeply introspective journey from Gadsby’s largely unhappy family, through school bullying, feelings of deep confusion, loneliness and depression touching on her slightly happier time completing a degree in Art History.

Claire Hooper

This was a charming interlude with Hooper’s nearest and dearest. Her husband, her children, her (hitherto untapped in-laws) and very amusing it was too.

Velvet | Organised Pandemonium and Strut & Fret Production House

Get ready for a toe-tapping, hand-clapping, disco inferno as you party with legendary diva Marcia Hines and a talented cast of eight vocal, dance and acrobatic stars.

2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick | Racing Sloths

Having seen Tim Morley’s spellbinding show, A Dirk Darrow Investigation, two years ago at The Fringe there was no way I was going to miss this one.

The Wine Bluffs | Damian Callinan & Paul Calleja

As an admirer of Damien Callinan’s solo shows seen in Fringe World previously, I was somewhat concerned this show might descend into an overblown comic pastiche of wine connoisseurs getting further and further blotto and untidy.

For Love or Money | Ginger and Tonic

Fondly remembered in last year’s Fringe for their hilarious show Desperate and Dateless, 2017 heralds the return of the glamorous and superbly talented a capella quartet to the Fringe World Festival.

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