Spring Awakening
Spring Awakening is a dark and powerful work that features violence, rape, abortion, masturbation, homoerotic love and finally death, but not in a cheap or tawdry fashion.

Wild East
Wild East is a play that doesn't quite know what it wants to be: a nuanced comedy about corporate culture, a chamber drama about personal betrayal, or a riotous, slapdash cartoon.

Othello has never been a particular favourite of mine; it grates on the feminist in me – why does Othello believe everyone but his wife? Why is Desdemona so subservient?

From the same producers that brought us the surprise hit Menopause The Musical, comes RESPECT - A Musical Journey of Women.

Shining City
Shining City is a cross between a drawing room drama and a play by Pinter, complete with pregnant pauses. Replace the drawing room with a therapist’s consulting room, add a ghost and a touch of postmodernism, and you get the picture.

The Perjured City
In more sense than one, Hélène Cixous’ The Perjured City Or, The Awakening of the Furies has history pulsing through its veins.

Shrimp is more than merely a play. It is an experience: both an aural and visual journey, a travelogue, an autobiography of a life so far, an insight into the mind of a trans-racial adoptee and a tale told vividly with every part of his body

Alice, a former actor-turned-care worker, and Tom, who's still acting despite himself, are in a convenient but complacent relationship, not so much in love as in limbo.

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