Macbeth: the Contemporary Rock Opera
The show is at its best when it indulges in the naturally dark world of betrayal and courtly intrigues, as it succeeds in drawing you into the twisted minds of the Macbeth’s.

Walking With Dinosaurs
This is a spectacular event, with a suitably immodest light show. The dinosaurs (yes, the DINOSAURS) are big and fleshy, with movements used to good contrasted effect.

Ashes to Ashes
When we enter the space, descending two flights of stairs in single file, the world outside is still a deep, but darkening, blue; when we leave it, an hour later, night has (irrevocably?) fallen.

The Bald Soprano
A nettled thicket of social critique, violently funny and hysterically violent, the theatre of Eugène Ionesco is a theatre of modern entropy.

Don Quixote

Friday’s opening night performance marked the company’s 383rd performance of it. That’s a lot of practice at getting it right!

Love Child
Joanna Murray-Smith's Love Child is a beautifully crafted play that works both on a personal and a political level, whilst never falling into preachiness.

The Ghost Writer
Behind every great sporting hero “autobiography” hovering in the background is a humble ghostwriter.


Ostensibly this is a play about the resilience of humanity and its propensity to go to extremes.

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