Checklist for an Armed Robber
Checklist for an Armed Robber remains an ambitious and compelling piece. Its shortcomings, while not negligible, are considerably fewer than its strengths.

Guy Sebastian
Guy is still a number one Idol, charming and charismatic. His manner onstage was confident, relaxed, happy and self-effacing.

Somewhat ironically, given the nature of the play, Bell Shakespeare’s current production of Macbeth suffers from a distinct lack of ambition.

OT - Chronicles of the Old Testament
Knowledge is a dangerous thing. If you have too little then you don’t fully understand what’s happening around you, there’s no proper context, but if you have too much then you’re likely to draw false conclusions or to take things for granted.

Motor-Mouth and Suck-Face
Meet Blasko Tupper, she’s not your ordinary teenager. Her parents are extremely eccentric, mad-scientists-a- part-of-a-secret-society kind of eccentric, but this time they’ve gone too far.

Dark secrets, fear, suppressed sexuality, ghosts: Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts has it all; all the things we expect from a good ghost story and more.

Chick Corea
Judging from his performance at the Hamer Hall on Saturday, Corea, at the age of 65, has lost none of the energy and urge to innovate that has always marked his stellar musicianship.

Have You Seen the New Girl in HR?
Office romance: it can be brutal, pathetic, funny, deeply unfair and ultimately, in the hands of Blue Chair Theatre, very entertaining.

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