An Adelaide audience was treated to a fabulous blend of classical, jazz and world music at the hands of a world class trio of guitarists this week.

The Shape Of Things | Accidental Productions

Love is no accident in Accidental Productions fresh and unnerving production The Shape of Things - an expose of the art of seduction gone awry.

Attempts on her Life | State Theatre Company of South Australia

The State Theatre Company has broken the bonds of traditional theatrical fare and forayed into a brave new world with its latest show Attempts On Her Life.

Shirley Valentine | HIT Productions

HIT Productions’ Shirley Valentine is a charming rendition of Willy Russell’s one-woman play, but it lacks the punch and power that Russell’s script so richly deserves.

Borrowed Time | Professional Collective

Stephen House’s new play Borrowed Time is an intriguing black comedy about the lives of seven aging television celebrities reunited decades after their stars have faded.

The Mistress & A Solitary Choice

Holden Street Theatres has once again provided Adelaide with some of its finest drama, serving up rich and rewarding professional theatre in its latest Director’s Choice Season.

Carpe Jugulum | Unseen Theatre Company

Discworld has returned to the Bakehouse Theatre in another Pratchett play – Carpe Jugulum. If this means nothing to you then the prolific literary produce of Pratchett has somehow passed you by.

Blue/Orange | State Theatre Company of South Australia
Blue/Orange is an excellent and humourous exposition of this diaphanous dichotomy, of power and self-interest, of the bureaucratic regulation of human caring, and of the fact that not all doctors are saints.

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