Busting Out!

Tits, boobs, melons, jugs, bazookas. Whatever you want to call them the comedy show Busting Out has them aplenty.

I Love You, Bro | Three to a Room
It’s no mean feat for one person to hold an audience intently for an hour and a quarter just telling a story

Free Man of Color | Independent Theatre
In 1828, John Newton Templeton was the first black graduate of the University of Ohio (and only the fourth in the US), some 40 years before the emancipation of the slaves.

Potted Potter | Dan and Jeff

It’s all aboard the Hogwarts Express for mad muggles mayhem in the “Potted Potter” parody of the Harry Potter phenomenon.

Faulty Towers the Dining Experience
Don’t mention the war! And they didn’t, but they did lots of other Fawlty memorabilia, such as That Walk, some hamster/rat carry on, business with a fire extinguisher, and Manuel’s famous “I know nussing!”

After the End | Daniel Clarke

After the End is a brilliantly executed psychological thriller of post-apocalyptic proportions.

Maestro | State Theatre Company of South Australia
Maestro is a masterful novel by Adelaide doctor and novelist Peter Goldsworthy, and has been adapted by its author and his daughter as an equally masterful play.

The Devil's in the Detail
“Incredible” and “amazing” were the words on the lips of most of the capacity audience as they emerged from the intimate little theatre in the teeming Garden of Unearthly Delights

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