Elegies: A Song Cycle | SINGular Productions & Six Foot Something

Elegies: A Song Cycle is small musical theatre, not small in the sense of insignificant or lacking size, but rather in the sense of modest and unpretentious. Herein lies its beauty.

The Adventures of Butt Boy and Tigger | Out Cast Theatre

The Adventures of Butt Boy and Tigger is as strange as the name suggests – a Boy's Own style foray into the on-line sexual fantasies of two gay men.

Blowing Whistles | Focus Theatre

This astounding play titillates the hormones, tickles the funny bone, and touches the heartstrings as two men come to terms with ten years of togetherness.

Little Miss Me | Julia Henning

Henning is mesmerizing as she creates an intense and emotional rapport with her audience through both the mediums of words and music

Disappearance | The Border Project

This experimental performance delves into the fears, fascinations and obsessions with disappearance in Australian Culture.

Rent | Catchy Title Productions

This heart rending and uplifting musical tells of a time when mainstream society shunned the gay community and the HIV virus destroyed lovers, lives and laughter.

The Cripple of Inishmaan | STCSA

Just the title - The Cripple of Inishmaan - hints that this play has the makings of a good Irish yarn. And so it does, to be sure.

Ying Tong: A Walk with the Goons
There is no doubt that the Goons were very funny. And so are these guys.

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The revelation of this concert to me was that, yes, musicians, like audiences, have been starved...

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