Have you ever wanted to make the trip over to Melbourne to see how our Fringe Festival measures up? Well now you can, and for free!

They are sleazy, sordid and quite sinful. And we quite obviously can't wait for them to get here. I write this as I ponder the large pack of media who waited patiently outside Melbourne's Gin Palace for Chicago's cast to arrive and give the all-important photo opportunity.

The Victorian Government yesterday announced additional funding of $6.2 million ($1.5 million per annum) for Victorian Opera.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s most prestigious annual award, the Barry Award, was awarded early this morning at the Festival Club to The Pajama Men for their show Versus Vs. Versus.

American jazz pianist Cecil Taylor has suspended all international travel plans indefinitely due to an aggravated, ongoing medical condition. As a result, his Australian engagements as part of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival have sadly been cancelled.

Recipients for the 2008 Green Room Awards were presented at the Arts Centre, Melbourne, last night.

The Barry Award, named after Barry Humphries, the first patron of the Festival, recognizes the Comedy Festival’s Most Outstanding Festival Show, specifically aiming to seek out those performers who are enhancing the art form of comedy and acknowledging their vision.

One of Australia’s foremost contemporary opera and music-theatre directors, Douglas Horton, is stepping down as Artistic Director of the company he established back in 1988 - the pioneering and internationally regarded ChamberMade Opera - to pursue new projects in film and theatre.