Synthony and Brisbane Philharmonic OrchestraTo survive in an ever changing world all things must evolve. If evolution does not occur in some form then you face becoming obsolete or forgotten. This does not necessarily mean that classics such as orchestra or theatre die but instead it gives way to a new genre, a new take on how we deliver the wonder and beauty of stage to a new and contemporary audience. Synthony is the perfect example of what evolution can do. I have seen classic, contemporary and experimental takes on orchestra, as I am sure many others have too – but I doubt many have seen something quite as grandiose and extravagant as the wild ride that Synthony takes you on.

The iconic and historical Brisbane City Hall was transformed into a colossal club dance floor complete with laser lighting and a giant screen with exciting visual projections. When the orchestra took to the stage an uproarious applause was let out and the glitter-clad musicians looked as excited to perform as the audience were to see what was in store. A man turned around to us with a smile on his face and pointed to a violinist in the front of stage, announcing proudly “That's my daughter!!!” My heart filled with joy in a strange camaraderie that you wouldn't get being seated in a theatre. I watched that man throughout out the show slowly weaving his way up to the front row to wave and dance with such ferocious pride as his daughter played violin.

Three decades of club anthems were pushed out by the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra under Conductor Peter Thomas. Never have you seen such animated movement come from a classical conductor and it was impossible not to be dancing your hardest when even Mr. Thomas himself was jumping and pumping up the crowd, such as a DJ would from behind the decks. What an amazing sight it is to see old world musicians connect with the crowd and break that barrier between performer and audience. I have honestly never experienced anything like what I witnessed inside these historic halls. A beautiful symbiosis as the DJ and the Conductor teamed up to deliver 'Adagio for Strings'. Written by Samuel Barber, remixed by Tiesto and nailed by the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra. Utterly unreal.

With a wealth of guest performers delivering the 'club classics' with exciting and awe inspiring new sounds. Powerhouse voices were present as we danced to Corona's 'Rythym of the Night' as well as Ilan Kidron of the Potbelleez singing 'Don't Hold Back'.

The sheer volume of work that must have gone into making such a collaboration really is something to behold and as contemporary takes on classic styles emerge we are seeing more of these collaborations come to fruition. “All the world's a stage” and as we evolve through music and theatre more mixed genres find ways to bring more crowds. Even the musicians were 'dancing' as they played and all round there was a good, fun feeling to the whole experience. Musical sticklers can say what they want, it takes a lot to move a crowd and I dare say I have not seen an audience yell “WHOOP! WHOOP!” at an orchestra before. I have also never seen the balcony audience up and dancing in the aisles. Such folly one can have at the theatre these days!

A show that had high expectations was far surpassed for many as we saw streams of smiling faces. Happy hordes dancing and reminiscing together as they found fun in the frivolity of the whole experience.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change..” (Charles Darwin). Staying connected is key and the team from Synthony have worked noticeably hard to create an all round crowd pleaser for anyone who fancies a bit of fun. What an exciting time it is to be rekindling the love for the inspiring sound of classical music.

If we cannot adapt, we cannot thrive. Evolution is inevitable and the future of classical music is looking as bright as the lights of a night club.

Duco Events presents
accompanied by the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor Peter Thomas

Venue: Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane QLD
Dates: 17 August 2019



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