Andy Bull“There’s no shelter in daylight, there’s no comfort in the night”...

Andy Bull would be wrong: there certainly was comfort on Sunday night, 7th September, inside the Telstra Spiegeltent. 

Andy told the capacity crowd that he offers “the best version of himself, surreal, internal, with solitude”. After gobsmacking them with his opening tune (HUGE sound pumped out with love and attention to detail) the audience screamed back, “Accepted...!”  This is the nigh-on-religious experience you would expect on a Sunday. 

Powerful performance from ‘go to whoa...’ employing that ‘Wall of Sound’ so reminiscent (for me) of the ‘70s and ‘80s, Andy Bull and his band mesmerised the crowd who were straining to get closer, awaiting what they knew he would surely deliver. His “mix of major chords and despair, grinding analog synthesizers, stuttering drums and dark hooks” heralded the first night of the ‘Sea of Approval’ tour and album.

Andy informs, “music is an offering, not a commodity, not meant to be the centre of attention, but to be shared...good vibes-sharing without me sounding like a dick!” There was an overwhelming abundance of sound; innovative, fresh and inspirational - I could hear not one dick-worthy note! Strong lyrics with masterful musical delivery, directly seeping into your psyche. 

Andy Bull and his band stunned us for the entire performance with melodic, lyrical and complex scenarios. This four piece band is both tight and loose, weaving stories through words and music, a truly wicked combination. Andy asked the crowd if they would like to hear his JJJ offering from ‘Like A Version’: the crowd screamed their response, and voila, I was listening to ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ from Tears for Fears, realising my own auditory connection, and why I am now a huge fan of Andy Bull and his band. WOW!

Smiles plastered on every face: every-single-one-of-them caught up in this band’s magic. My daughter writes on my notes, “I’m going to marry him” (then sees a wedding ring, oh dear, bitter disappointment). He asks the crowd, “hey kids, is it getting real yet?” 

After a short deluge of rain pounding onto the Spiegeltent, Andy and his band come back out for the double-encore to screeching, cheers and ‘whoop whoops’. This band is SO HOT the world will certainly be hearing more and more and more and more...

Damn, I even bought the album!

Brisbane Festival presents
Andy Bull

Venue: The Telstra Spiegeltent | Cultural Forecourt, South Bank QLD
Date: 7 Sept, 2014
Tickets: $36 – $30

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