UrthboyLike a pied-piper rapper, tapping back a journey, introducing many, that make one part the whole; Urthboy hit the city, Brisbane lookin’ pretty, tells another ditty of life before his time.
Urthboy enters the Telstra Spiegeltent and asks his audience to close the gap, come in tight, promising not to spit on the audience from a distance. He tells us there will be some “hootin’, hollerin’ and hecklin” asking us to not be afraid to heckle. But who needs to heckle when this man is a one-man-narrator, mindfully taking us from his first “eye-bulging” Asian trip where his senses reeled and he realised that other countries, cultures and people were out there, all doing the same thing as himself – having a life.

“You gotta write it out” (or is this ‘right it out’?) Either way, it is RIGHT. He has won the audience over instantly, so why waste time? “There’s some stories I can tell you....” and he dives in, head first.

Back to 1999-2000 when rappers weren’t abundant, he shares his diary and journal notes with humour, inclusion, jokes and travel-stories, which led him to where he is now (presumably) and where he would like to take us: on his journey: we are there, alongside him, for the entire show.

Make Me a Mixtape is a performance “inspired by the mixtape we’d make for that first journey beyond our shores” and with this theme in mind, Hip Hop artist Urthboy introduces some inspiring talent and special guests to help him bring to the stage (and the hungry audience) such a ‘tape’ (albeit live). 

With the help of Patience Hodgson (The Grates), Bobby Flynn, Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music), Rival MC (Impossible Odds) and Thelma Plum, Urthboy curates an ear-stunningly live story-telling show for us all, slipping in songs and artists who bring it home.

Sharing his “cringe-worthy diary entries... earnest and embarrassing” he has found a perfect vehicle to perform on all levels, getting the audience bopping and begging for more. Kristen Fletcher on keyboards is amazing, let me give you the tip, sounding like an orchestra one moment and a carnival the next (which is good, as it is the Brisbane Festival, after all). Urthboy’s back-up band is totally erect and a show on their own merit.

Urthboy melds story into song and back to story again (as he said, “you know I like to talk”) with the perfect mix of performers to nail the story to the board. When he comes back to singing himself, he says, “make some noise.... would I recommend it, hell yeah....”

So, would I recommend it? HELL YEAH...

Brisbane Festival presents

Venue: The Telstra Spiegeltent | Cultural Forecourt, South Bank QLD
Date: 6 Sept, 2014
Tickets: $36 – $30
Bookings: www.brisbanefestival.com.au/whats-on/urthboy

Part of the Brisbane Festival

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