The WaifsThe feeling I got from watching The Waifs perform was just like coming home. I know, that is a tough thing to try and explain, but I gather that you will get the sentiment in what I am saying. These guys and gals are nothing short of being a family unit, or at least that is what can be sensed from their stage presence. Without pomp or ceremony The Waifs casually came onstage, took their positions and started playing with a comfort that made you feel as if you were sitting in on one of their rehearsals. They went on to play most of the songs that landed them in the top of the Australian music charts along with some material that I had not yet heard from their new album 'Sundirtwater'. The music was quite simply - cool. The distinct and very individual sound that The Waifs possess is what makes their music so appealing and listenable.

In between songs the two female vocalists, Donna Simpson and Vikki Thorn, engaged with the audience and talked about some of their experiences and memories since being in the band together. It's great to see how far they have come as an acclaimed Australian band particularly after Vikki told the audience that once upon a time they had to play to backpackers in Cairns to make a few dollars to get by. Judging by the 'sell out' crowd at the Tivoli, The Waifs have a huge fan base that traverses all ages and cultures. This gig had a light hearted, uplifting atmosphere and the music was played in the same manner.

I think that a live performance is a true testament to the talent and skill of a band or musician and The Waifs really do pass the test. This gig was the first time i had seen The Waifs live and they played just like they do on their albums only with more guts and gusto, to my eager satisfaction. Sharing the songs on the set list the audience got to hear all three of The Waifs, including Josh Cunningham, performing the songs that they each creatively own. This provided a level of excited anticipation wondering what they would play next.

The Waifs certainly are crowd pleasers and I am pleased to say that I have seen them and I would definitely see them again. With songs like theirs you could never get tired of listening to The Waifs.

The Waifs

Venue: The Tivoli | 52 Costin Street, Fortitude Valley
Date: Tue 16th & Wed 17th October 2007   
Doors: 7.30pm
Tickets: $47.00 | General Admission Standing – Over 18s only
Bookings: Ticketek

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