Charlie PickeringI don’t think I have seen this many young, fun, excited under 30-year-olds at a theatre production ever. The atmosphere before the show was electric and pumped. We were in for a good night…

The Melbourne Comedy Roadshow 2007 has been touring Australia since the 5th of May, and will finish its stint in Singapore on the 28th July! This three month tour is surely taxing on the comedians; however they show none of the journey’s toll during their rambunctiously funny and magnetic skits. Maeve Higgins, Sammy-J, Josh Thomas and Jeff Green perform stand-up for about 20 minutes each, while Charlie Pickering hosts the evening. 


Maeve Higgins is the only female in the line-up. Traditionally, stand-up comedy is seen as a male dominated form, however Higgins defies that stereotype, asserting her feminist power by proving herself more than worthy in this patriarchy of comic theatre. Her delivery was calm but her style was cheeky, and she was thoroughly enjoyable to watch. 


MC Charlie Pickering not only warms up the crowd for the headlining acts, but puts on a brilliant performance himself as the every-day Aussie.  Sammy-J is a piano-playing, juice-box drinking, flamboyant conceited word-wit whose general demeanour is both patronising and charming. Where Sammy-J’s comic style lies more in his ability to perform a persona, Charlie Pickering gets on stage and speaks to the audience the way you feel like he would if he was standing beside you in the local pub.  His genuine, laid-back attitude makes him almost the ‘grown-up boy-next-door’. But the real ‘boy-next-door’ of the night has to be Josh Thomas. He looks about 12 but insists he is nearly an adult and that he is certainly not confused about his sexuality. His cute, young look and voice enables him to be funny simply by throwing in the occasional profanity, as you just don’t expect it to come out of his mouth. His unexpectedly rude comic anecdotes juxtapose his appearance beautifully. The night is topped off with a man who was scary at times and loved to embarrass the audience, the acclaimed Jeff Green.  


The tour itself is a brilliant idea. Too often are the non-capital cities and regions neglected. In saying that, I have to be selfish and say if only this show could play in Brisbane for longer! Sadly the Melbourne Comedy Roadshow only played in Brisbane for three nights, a disappointment to all those who missed out on the fun. These crazy cats were full of infectious energy, so much so that when the show was over the high the audience felt continued well into the night. If the atmosphere before the show was something, then the jubilation afterwards was certainly the expected result. A thoroughly enjoyable live show.

Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow 2007

Venue: The Tivoli | 52 Costin Street Fortitude Valley
Date: 15 - 17 May, 2007
Doors: Doors open at 6:30 PM
Tickets: $36.00
Bookings: Ticketek: 132 849 or

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