BoobsPolished song arrangements and well crafted stories filled with raw and disruptive content. A paradox.

Boobs holds a delicate balance between being a piece of charming entertainment that your typical Arts Centre audience would welcome whilst maintaining its authenticity and truth. Jenkins' personal life story about her breasts is revealed throughout the work via song and story.

A contemporary progressive work with edgy content finally finding a well deserved place at the Arts Centre. At moments it felt like the space was awkward for the content of such an intimate show but that blame actually sits with the Arts Centre itself. Mainly for not putting on enough works of this nature. Jenkins filled the room with her grounded stage presence and inviting nature. Any elaborate set would only take away from what was so great about this piece, its strong bare-boned storytelling and heartfelt connection.

The work focuses on what society, the Australian medical institution and Jenkins herself think about her mind, body and boobs. There are some truly ingenious comedic elements weaved into this show. Often surfacing in unexpected formats like corduroy.

The audience interaction did not work as well as it could have, this may have been due to the scripted nature of the work. A couple rare moments of impromptu dialogue were refreshing and brought you more into the personal world of the piece.

Selina Jenkins beautiful voice sucks you in and her layered punchy lyrics put you back in your place. By the end Jenkins was irresistible and the final song hit home across the board. If you have two or more nipples, this show is for you.

Arts Centre Melbourne presents

Venue: Fairfax Studio | Arts Centre Melbourne
Dates: 29 January – 1 February 2020
Tickets: $35 – $30

Part of the 2020 Misdumma Festival


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