Stomp '18

StompFor quarter of a century STOMP have shared their sharp beat making masterpiece with audiences around the world. STOMP ‘18 opens with their signature broom routine that instantly sweeps the audience away by bristle banging and handle hammering, delivering their delicious cacophony of percussion and spectacular visuals.  

The cast are faultless and land their mark every time. Their ability to create a soundscape that requires such physical as well as aural talents is phenomenal. Every cast member brings their own unique presence to the stage, each brilliant in their own right. But collaboration is key in every element of STOMP, from orchestrating the genius score, to seamless movement of props on and off the stage, all weaved together via entertaining and complex choreography.

This cohesiveness is in direct contrast to one of the main themes in the plot. The show centres on an underdog whose character opens the show with a slap stick routine. He is portrayed negatively as weaker and inadequate. What starts as light fun quickly begins to resemble work place bullying. It feels uncomfortable, despite the laughs elicited from the underdog himself. There was a missed opportunity to carry through the natural theme of teamwork that is so imperative in STOMP. It would have been so easy to build up the character and use the music and beat making to build confidence and camaraderie.

Despite this flaw STOMP is spectacular and breathtaking. From the loud raucous moments when the cast are dangling from scaffolding bashing pots, pans, chimes and various other found objects, to the enchantment of a darkened stage where only the soft clicks and clacks of metal lighters support a flicking flame light show. STOMP is an extravaganza.

Don’t miss STOMP it will leave you feeling like the world is an unexplored adventure park, in which a satisfying sound is only one rubbish can or kitchen sink away.

Lunchbox Theatrical Productions presents

Director Steve McNicholas

Venue: Capitol Theatre, 13 Campbell Street, Haymarket NSW
Dates: 31 July – 5 August 2018



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