Puss In BootsIllustration Stephanie Howe

Director Jo Turner has created a pantomime to give Puss in Boots a new life. This retelling of an old tale is a joyful cacophony of pantomime whoops and theatrical hollas. The storyline is original allowing nostalgia to simmer gently yet expectations are challenged in wonderful and fabulous ways.

Puss in Boots has the classic hallmarks of Pantomime. Topical jokes are layered and will see adults chuckling or outright roaring with laugher at innuendos and social comments. Pundemonium abounds and slapstick humour is rife in the dialogue. Youngsters just love it and shout, scream and whoop, delighted that the adults are enjoying it too. The audience are never passive spectators; they are constantly brought into the story. The three piece band provides a soundtrack and musical cues throughout the performance

The casting for this production was perfect. It challenged gender and racial stereotypes beautifully and the cast was rich in talent and diversity.

Shari Sebbens is Puss in Boots and she is awesome. From the moment you walk through the door Sebbens is there chatting to kids on their way to their seats and from this initial interaction she builds a fabulous connection to her young audience.  She is strong and she plays the part of the clever and cunning cat with panache.

Drew Fairley is Nora the Cook and his performance is hilarious. He delivers his jokes with perfect timing and his character is a gem. Nora the Cook has some of the best lines in the show and Fairley brings them to their peak with his tone and demeanor. You can’t help but love Nora she is comical, clever and highly entertaining.

Puss in Boots is a must see for kids and adults who love story telling. This pantomime was such a delight and hats and boots off to all involved.

City Recital Hall presents
Puss In Boots
by James Barry

Director Jo Turner

Venue: City Recital Hall | N/A
Dates: 12 – 13 January 2018
Tickets: $40
Bookings: www.cityrecitalhall.com | 02 8256 2222



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