Briefs: The Second Coming

Briefs: The Second ComingPhotos – Prudence Upton

If you like your theatre decadent, dazzling and dangerous then get yourself a ticket to Briefs: The Second Coming, the boylesque spectacular headlining this year’s Sydney Festival.

Briefs has everything, it is scrumptiously risqué with a heart of gold. It takes a bit of burlesque, a drop of drag, a cup of cabaret and a sieve of circus. It then blends it all together and spits out a visual delight of feathers, glitter and so much talent. And to top it all off the costume design by Dallas Dellaforce is superb.

The show opens with a touch of Busby Berkeleys kaleidoscopic fanfare and from there it falls into its own undefinable, unclassified and uncategorised medley of mayhem and mastery.

Fez Fa’anana is the ringleader, MC and heart of the show. His wit and charm will have you roaring with laughter but his real magic lies in his ability to create a sense of connection between the audience, performers and the world at large. A centrepiece that reminds us to enjoy life, look after each other and do the right thing. It provides a soul to the performance on top of on an outrageous and spectacular show.

Thomas Worrell is breathtaking as he bends and bows his body in aerial performances that silence whoops, hollas, whistles and cheers. What is left is a quiet filled with awe for an extraordinary talent that immerses you in the poetry of his performance.

Mark ‘Captain Kidd’ Winmill’s finale is glorious and he epitomises everything about the show. The glitter, false eyelashes and hair gel are out-glamoured and out-shone by his talent and physical abilities. He is strong and skilful without surrendering any of his burlesque panache and showmanship. He makes one hell of a splash and left the audience all kinds of wet. 

The costumes designed by the Dallas Dellaforce are superb. She brings originality and style to each piece.

Briefs is glorious, glamourous and grand. Briefs is dirty. Briefs is inappropriate. Briefs is spectacularly salacious, scandalous and saucy. It has lots of cheek and is not for the feint hearted, so warn your Grandma before the show starts but make sure you bring her because Briefs will rock her cotton socks.

2017 Sydney Festival
Briefs: The Second Coming

Venue: Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent | Meriton Festival Village, Hyde Park North NSW
Dates: 6 – 22 January 2017
Tickets: $80 – $63
Bookings: 1300 856 876 |

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