The winners of Short & Sweet 2007 were announced last night at the Fairfax Studio at the Arts Centre, with 49 Stories about Brian MacKenzie winning the $5,000 prize for Best Overall Production, as well as the Best Director Prize going to Jonno Katz for Bury Your Goldfish.

Almost won the People’s Choice Award for the Top 30, and Tupperware for the Wildcards.

Best Actor was Keith Brockett in Death by 1000 Cuts, with Nicola Wright winning the Best Actress Award for her performances in Almost.

The judging panel was playwright Barry Dickens, comedian and actor Angus Samspon, Arts Centre Program manager Carla Hartog, director Naomi Edwards and Age journalist John Bailey.


Judges’ Choice – Best Overall ($5,000)
49 Stories about Brian MacKenzie
Writer: Gregory Hardigan (USA)
Director: Alix Stirling

People’s Choice – Top 30 ($3,000)
Presented by Fly-on-the-Wall Theatre
Writer: Krista Dalby (Canada)
Director: Robert Chuter

People’s Choice – Wildcards ($3,000)
Writer: Wayne Tunks (NSW)
Director: Daniel Lammin

Best Independent Theatre Company ($3,000)
Black Lung Theatre
a ramble through the wooded glen
Writer: Thomas Henning (VIC)
Director: Moritz Bleibtreu

Best Drama Writing ($2,500)
Gregory Hardigan (USA)
49 Stories about Brian MacKenzie
Best Drama Writing Runner Up ($1,000)
Frank Leggett (NSW)
Mr and Mrs Metcalfe enjoy the music of Elton John

Best Comedy Writing ($2,500)
Adam Hadley (ACT)
Thrilling Hostage Melodrama at High Speeds with Pineapple

Best Comedy Writing Runner Up ($1,000)
Darinka Kralj (VIC)

Best Director ($2,000)
Jonno Katz
Bury Your Goldfish

Best Director Runner Up ($1,000)
Moritz Bleibtreu
Black Lung Theatre
a ramble through the wooded glen

Best Male Actor ($2,000)
Keith Brockett
Death by 1000 Cuts

Best Male Actor Runner Up ($1,000)
Angus Brown
unAustralian and Uncontrollable Performance Art Moments

Best Female Actor ($2,000)
Nicola Wright

Best Female Actor Runner Up ($1,000)
Julianne Donovan
…I AM…