Issa’s music varies from swelling sounds to splashes of spoken word.

Le Corbusiers Dream?
An excellent example of thoughtful and engaging community theatre, Le Corbusier’s Dream? is accurately described as a ‘play about Carlton in the 60s and Carlton today’.

Brian Lucas takes us on a journey of make-believe myth and political propaganda, in this enrapturing encore season of his solo dance/theatre piece, Underbelly.

Enlightenment is a realistic piece of theatre that hinges on the disappearance of a young Englishman while overseas. In Scene One, we are brought straight to the heart of the parents’ dilemma as, months later, they still live with no news of their son and no closure.

Most read reviews

Merciless Gods | Little Ones Theatre

Arty Graphic Intense Funny Tragic Relentless and very very good.

The Lady in The Van | Melbourne Theatre Company

Bennett has always acknowledged that his garden guest Miss Shepherd, provided him with a wealth of material, but it is the analysis of his own part in this absurd situation that makes the story so compelling.

My Night With Reg | new theatre

My Night With Reg by Kevin Elyot is somewhat of a relic, a play about the plague years of the AIDS epidemic structured like a drawing room comedy of an even earlier era.

Comma Sutra | Louisa Fitzhardinge

It’s easy to imagine self-confessed grammar nerd Fitzhardinge, as the odd one out in the popular girls group at school.

Dr Felicity Rickshaw's Celebrity Sex Party | Holland St Productions

There is no question about the talents of this small ensemble, their voices and choral work are excellent and the writing is cleverly witty and extremely funny.

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