For all her cynicism and cutting social commentary, there’s a delightful, sweet quality to Coombs Marr’s humour, which is peppered with cute dad jokes and puns. Are they dad jokes when girls tell them? Maybe they’re Marr jokes.

With all the weird new stuff happening, Coombs Marr is reflecting on the past as well as the future. There’s the more recent stuff, like moving to Melbourne with her partner just as the city went into lockdown (Agony! Misery!), and then there’s the older stuff, like the first time she felt she actually knew what was going on (Joy! Ecstasy!).

And all these important life events are measured by that most solid of yardsticks – the longevity of that bizarre comedy show, Puppetry of the Penis. Not an obvious choice for a lesbian, but there you have it.

In between we hear her thoughts on an eclectic mix of bizarre topics, all performed with slick, fast-paced delivery, some awesome mimicry, and accompanied by hilarious audio-vidual aids.

Since winning the Most Outstanding Show at the 2016 MICF and Herald Angel at 2019 Edinburgh Fringe, Coombs Marr has a well-deserved, solid fan base and they’re turning out in droves for this show – so much so that two extra late-night shows have been announced, at the Forum Theatre on April 9-10.

Get in quick if you’re going.

Event details

A Token Event
Agony! Misery!
Zoë Coombs Marr

Director Name

Venue: Melbourne Town Hall Powder Room | 100 Swanson Street VIC
Dates: 25 March – 18 April 2021
Tickets: $25 – $39.90

ALSO – two extra shows have been announced at the Forum Theatre on April 9-10 at 9.15pm


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