Take a beautifully written, insightful drama of complex relationships and misfiring communication, principally starring two superb and seasoned actors;  suddenly COVID  it into cancellation a few days before it is due to open; put it on ice for seven or eight months; then revive and re-rehearse it after the issues and  the characterisations have  ruminated and matured; then you have a recipe for a superb and outstanding piece of theatre.

Such is the nature of this truly splendid production gracing the stage of the Holden Street Theatre until January 23.

Alicia Zorkovic and Brant Eustice are perfectly balanced in the roles of Kyra and Tom respectively, as they present a complex array of grief, jealousy, tenderness, arrogance, self-centredness, manipulation, blaming, mistrust, deception, hurt, anger and more, in two closely involved, yet basically mismatched characters. The complex expressions of their entanglement and separateness is a tour de force of professionalism from these two outstanding actors, and is neatly book-ended by welcome new-comer Jackson Barnard as the young Edward, who is trying to reach both of them in his own way.

Sir David Hare’s script is a particularly insightful exposition of two recognisable opposing poles of Western society: a rich, exploitative, materialistic plutocrat is mismatched with a dedicated, principled, humanistic, and austerely simple teacher. His writing presents this in lots of words, all superbly mastered by this cast. Tim Williams’ direction facilitates the natural ability of these actors to wear their roles with authenticity and conviction. The original music (Tim Edhouse), lighting (Richard Parkhill), sound (Claire Edmonds-Wilson) and Malcom Walton’s simple and fully functional set provide a suitable background for the intensity and poignancy of the drama.

This is a production of which any director, cast and theatre company should be proud. Adelaide audiences are indeed fortunate to be able to access such comprehensive talent, and should rush to revel in this unmissable opportunity.

Event details

Verendus Theatrical/Red Phoenix Theatre presents
by David Hare

Director Tim Williams

Venue: Holden Street Theatre | 34 Holden St, Hindmarsh SA
Dates: 14 – 23 January 2021
Bookings: sales.securetix.net.au


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